The Process

Therapy can be a difficult process. You mind find that your symptoms because more pronounced in the first couple of sessions. Therapy is a complicated ands sometimes feels mysterious. Please recognize that a commitment to the process, even when it is uncomfortable, is one of the first important steps you'll take.

Working with clients entails tailoring therapy to meet the needs of each client individually and with the clients direction. I have worked with clients experiencing grief, relationship difficulties, issues around identity, and those who are alone and struggling to find support. My approach to therapy is that it is a way of being received  (as opposed to a set of fixed techniques) and each client's human nature is viewed in a positive light incorporating the belief that people naturally move toward becoming fully functioning.

Whatever the issue, our work is based on the assumption that therapy paves the way for clients to utilize their innate capacity to create solutions for themselves. It is my lifelong mission, a privilege, and an honor to work with clients along their journey to true happiness and wellbeing.